Hero Pit Bull protects lost child until rescuers arrive

A loyal pit bull is being hailed a hero for protecting his lost owner until rescuers showed up. According to the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office, Buddy the dog stood on guard and helped police locate a missing three-year-old boy who had wandered off into the woods. Authorities were first made aware of the boy’s disappearance when his frantic mother called 911 and reported that the child, who had been playing outside with his siblings, was missing along with the family dog. Officers and a K9 unit from Suwannee Correctional Institution then began searching for the missing boy until they received a call from a neighbor that the child had been found, though Buddy the dog was being very protective and wouldn’t let strangers near his human companion. In bodycam footage , Buddy can be seen leading deputies to the missing boy when they arrive on scene.

Check below for the bodycam video as Buddy helps law enforcement find the missing 3 year old:


Photo: Suwannee County Sheriff's Office

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