Oprah and Gayle admit they've had one night stands: "Never Have I Ever"

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Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King played a game of Never Have I Ever for OprahMag.com's The OG Chronicles.Ashley Graham hosted the game and asked the questions. Graham laid out the rules, saying that they'd both have to start with a full hand raised and they had to drop a finger every time she said something they had done. Whoever dropped all their fingers first would have to take a shot of either hot sauce or apple cider vinegar, since Gayle doesn’t drink. They played two rounds total.

Things got interesting when Graham asked if either of them had sexted someone in the past, Oprah said, “Definitely not. Hell the hell no, are you kidding me? I’d be a fool.” King admitted she’d even be shocked if Oprah did, saying, “I would want to see that picture."

In the first round, Oprah and Gayle both put their fingers down when asked if they ever had a one night stand. Oprah said, “Mine would have been [1982], something like that." Gayle said that hers "would have been 82, 81." Graham added, “Same year? You guys were little hussies.”

With that, Oprah lost the first round and had to down a shot of apple cider vinegar.

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