This man is lucky to be alive after driving off six-story parking garage

Empty Parking Lot Sign

A 20 year old California man is lucky to be alive after he somehow drove his sports utility vehicle off the top of a six story parking garage in Santa Monica.

According to the Santa Monica Police Department, they responded to a call of a vehicle that had gone over the side of the six-story parking garage at around 12:10 a.m. early Sunday morning.

Officers found a male from Twentynine Palms, who despite his injuries, was able to speak with the responding officers but, why, or how, he drove off the top of the building remained unclear.

29 Palms is home to Joshua Tree National Park and also a large Marine Corps training base.

"Due to the fact the driver was transported to the hospital and receiving medical treatment, they were unable to determine if alcohol or drugs played a factor in the incident," said the Santa Monica Police Department in a statement on Facebook.

The driver was reportedly heavily sedated for his own well being and allegedly suffered critical non-visible injuries in the estimated 60-foot fall.

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