"World's Worst Cat" finally gets a home of her own!

Widow Zina Guzienko, 93, holds her cat w

A North Carolina shelter turned a cat's crotchety vibe into stardom. The people at Mitchell County Animal Rescue knew they’d have to get creative when it came to Perdita. The four-year-old black and white cat, who wound up at the shelter after her owner’s death, had an adorable face and a not-so-adorable habit of swatting and scratching when people least expected it. The rescue created an ad for Perdita that read "World’s Worst Cat," splashed in big letters above two photos of a ticked-off looking Perdita in the shelter’s January Facebook post. The ad went viral, made national headlines and garnered nearly 200 adoption applications. Perdita ultimately went home with a couple from Tennessee who now call her Noel and post updates on her new Instagram account.

Photo: Getty images

Here's a progress report from Perdita's new owners

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