U.S. Providers offer free WiFi for 60 days


U.S. internet and wireless providers have announced temporary measures to make getting online less expensive during the COVID-19 outbreak. Most notable is Comcast’s free public Wi-Fi for all for 60 days, effective immediately. Home-based Xfinity hotspots are not included, but Wi-Fi access points in public locations and at small businesses are.

… AT&T and Charter Communications also announced free public Wi-Fi for 60 days, with Charter offering free broadband for households with students through college age who don’t already have a subscription. Verizon was among the many providers to also announce a moratorium on late fees and disconnections.

… T-Mobile announced that it would provide unlimited smartphone data to all current subscribers and increase the data allowance to schools and students using their digital learning programs.

… Cox said it would increase speeds on low-cost broadband plans and Sprint said it would give subscribers unlimited data for 60 days, among other changes. Comcast and AT&T also temporarily lifted data caps.

Photo: Getty images

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