Florida woman empties Dollar Tree of toilet paper, towels and napkins.

Is hoarding a problem of messaging, selfishness, or fear?

This woman in Florida went to a local Dollar Tree and bought every roll of toilet paper, paper towels and napkins. As she is loading it to haul it off, a woman records the entire procedure. She apparently does not feel she's doing anything wrong. The woman making the video even says (as do most on social media) she is likely to go out and re-sell it at a higher price.

In a news conference Sunday, President Trump asked consumers to avoid hoarding, but gave no specific guidance on how much food or medicine people should consider having on hand.

“There’s no shortages. We have no shortages—other than people are buying anywhere from three to five times what they would normally buy,” Trump said.

On social media where the video is spreading like wildfire, most people take Dollar Tree to task for allowing this to happen and not limiting the size of her purchase. Local stores in the lowcountry and coastal empire are still coping with limited supplies of paper products.

Dollar Tree has yet to respond. But it's Sunday, let's see what happens in a day or two.

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