The lighter side of Toilet Paper

Carol Burnett

Who would have thought that the most frequent topic on social media, in chatter among friends, on the nightly news, and everywhere else would be toilet paper?

Ever since the coronavirus reared its ugly head, store shelves have been getting devoid of toilet paper. Even the tacky cheap store brands are gone though I am seeing paper products returning to shelves.

Even a recent video I posted involved a Florida woman caught on video when she cleaned out a Dollar Tree of every last roll in addition to napkins and paper towels, planning to resell them down the street for a profit.

I thought it was time to go back to a much simper time. No one better to help us with this than the legendary Carol Burnet.

A housewife (Carol Burnett) returns home after running some errands. She finds that her entire family has deserted her because they don’t like the toilet tissue she purchased.

Photo: Getty images

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