British mom goes viral with her version of "I Will Survive"

Victoria Eames

A British woman has created a hilarious update take on Gloria Gaynor's classic I Will Survive.Victoria Emes and her family have become viral sensations thanks to her fabulous video performance on surviving self-isolation.

She writes: This goes out to all the slags in isolation wondering’re going to live through an indefinite number of months stuck indoors with your family. You are not alone. Not going to lie, it’s going to be tough because let’s face it - partners can be [jerks] and kids, well, they’re the biggest wankers of them all. But babes, we can do this. My advice - employ every coping strategy you can think of; dancing, cooking, singing, laughing, meditation, hiding in a cupboard for five minutes of peace - whatever you need to do to just SURVIVE THIS UTTER MADNESS. We'll get there girls... one gin/wine/crisp/chocolate biscuit/tear saturated day at a time.

Caution: her parody contains some adult language!

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