Spring breaker returns home but dad won't let him in the house!

spring break

Two weeks ago, Matt Levine’s immediate concerns centered on where to find the best happy hour and coolest DJ. Now, he just wants his coronavirus-panicked dad to let him back in the house. While residents in his hometown of Nanuet, New York, were hunkering down to avoid corona, 21-year-old Matt and his friends from Springfield College in Massachusetts hit up spring break in South Padre Island, Texas — and stayed there against the advice of his father, Peter. Peter says, “I spoke with him every day and told him that maybe they should come home. I was aggravated. The news here was getting worse and worse. Matt sent me pictures of him and his friends congregating outdoors and listening to live music.”

… Finally, Peter told Matt and his buddies that they could not stay at the family home after the trip, as they’d planned. Matt’s grandparents live in dad Peter’s house. Once they arrived home, Dad met them at the door, and blocked them from coming in. Peter filled the trunk of Matt’s car with groceries and left him an envelope containing $300 in cash. Even though his college has shut down classes, Peter will stay with roommates in their off-campus house a while longer.

Thank you dad. Good move.

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