Pitbull releases upbeat anthem "I Believe We Will Win"

Pitbull released an uplifting “world anthem” and music video this weekend called “I Believe We Will Win.”

“Let’s show the world, how powerful it is when we come together to fight for one cause - that’s called life (I Believe We Will Win,)” Pitbull captioned his new video on Twitter Saturday. The clip shows the entertainer dancing on a rooftop with the Miami skyline behind him. It also includes footage of an empty basketball court and school classroom.

Lyrics include: “If there's ever a time to check in for the world, it's right now. Now is when we take fear – and it’s not forget everything and run. It’s face everything and rise,” and “Stay healthy, stay safe and stay blessed.”

Pitbull credits his hometown with instilling a fighting spirit in him ... “Miami taught me how to fight, and I want to give that to everybody in the world right now. Now is when we gotta stick together. We gotta fight hard, show how powerful it is when we come together.”

100% of proceeds will be split between Feeding America and the Tony Robbins Foundation amid the ongoing health crisis.

Photo: Getty Images

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