Ina Garten's giant cosmo cocktail. Drink this to take the edge off your day


I don't drink but after a week like this I may start (and I mean something stronger than chocolate milk).

The Barefoot Contessa shows us how to mix up a big batch of Cosmopolitans — emphasis on "big" for those of us who need a drink during the quarantine— which makes most of us — and it is everything we'd hoped for and more.

These days we are having to resort to virtual happy hours to connect with friends. Ina has created an easy-to-make and tasty beverage is a must-have.She created an Instagram video on how to make a classic Cosmopolitan with a big dose of much-needed humor. In the video, Garten freely pours "good" vodka into a giant pitcher as she talks to the camera, explaining why "during these stressful times it's really important to keep traditions alive" and sharing that her favorite tradition is the cocktail hour. Enjoy.

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