Your local utility and the EPA ask PLEASE only flush toilet paper


The Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority is asking you to help us protect our infrastructure by asking Lowcountry residents to FLUSH ONLY TOILET PAPER!

As grocery store paper product shelves continue to be ravaged by hoarders, we know that customers are being forced to use alternatives. As we show in our Fit to Flush video, starring Port Royal Mayor Joe DeVito, if you’re using anything else, it must go in a trash can! The EPA issued a similar request last week nationally.

With toilet paper disappearing from shelves (and we know why) lots of citizens are buying a variety of wipes for their homes and rather than tossing them in the trash they are flushing them. Please use a trashcan for anything other than toilet paper when using the restroom! We are seeing a lot of other paper products at the wastewater plants, and it is causing issues! SHARE!!!

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