Take your mind off the news: New, Recently Discovered Seinfeld Bloopers!


Jon Lott says "I found this DVD of Seinfeld bloopers at a flea market. It had a clearly homemade DVD cover, and an unmarked DVD inside. The video quality is pretty lousy, but most of these bloopers didn't make into the official Seinfeld DVD blooper reels.

This video was ripped from a DVD produced in 2000, and consists of unseen bloopers and outtakes from many seasons of Seinfeld. I suspect this DVD was a bootleg copy of a Seinfeld blooper disc distributed to the cast & crew soon after the series ended."

If you are a Seinfeld fan you'll enjoy this 90 minute video of moments you have never seen before. This hopefully will take your mind off the bad news of the day!

Photo: Getty images

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