Tips on creating an emergency caregiver box for your pet if you get sick

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One of the most critical pieces of your pet's emergency kit is ensuring you have an emergency pet caregiver, and a back-up caregiver, in case you become too ill to care for your pet or if you are hospitalized.

If you do become ill with COVID-19 or another illness during this time, and can still properly care for your pet, the best solution is keeping your pet in your home with you while taking extra precautions. While the CDC has no evidence that pets can spread COVID-19 to people or that they might be a source of infection in the U.S., they are aware of a very small number of pets outside the U.S. to be infected.

Check out what can go into your emergency caregiver boxes and remember, it’s always important to have an emergency caregiver in place for your pet... all year-round and for all emergency situations.

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