Josh Groban literally singing in the shower your requests twice a week!!

Josh Groban

Josh Groban has started a concert series called “Shower Songs,” which features him literally standing in his shower and singing.

Every Tuesday and Friday he’ll sing songs that his fans have requested via social media. Josh’s first song is a rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which he says many fans had requested as tributes to health care workers or those suffering from the coronavirus.

"Over The Rainbow is the song most requested this week and I can see why. We all need hope, a place to dream and look forward to brighter days."

Josh explains, “For the moment, I’m just going a cappella – maybe I can even get a small keyboard in here and try not to electrocute myself!” He adds, “And then maybe at some point we can even get some shower duets! If you’re a friend of mine and you sing and you wanna sing a shower duet with me, from your shower – this is getting very strange now – fully clothed, we’ll do a shower duet.”

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