Can breast milk prevent or cure COVID-19 in adults?

Hoping to ward off a global pandemic with no known cure, some people have turned to increasingly desperate options: swallowing fish tank cleaner, popping colloidal silver, chugging Alex Jones’ Superblue Silver Immune Gargle. But the latest trend comes from a source a little closer to home: human breast milk.

… Milk sellers across the country say they have seen an increase in buyers reaching out to purchase breast milk — not to feed their babies, but to boost their immunity against the coronavirus. While the practice is rare, and highly discouraged by health experts, the principle behind it is being studied by at least two prominent universities. Lars Bode, chair of Collaborative Human Milk Research at the University of California, San Diego, says, “It’s an interesting idea. Maybe not the right thing to do for multiple different reasons.” OK, but the idea that human milk could contain COVID-fighting properties? That, he said, is “not too far-fetched.”

… Online breast milk sales are an established market in the U.S., if not a well-regulated one. On websites like Only the Breast and Happy Bellies Happy Babies, self-described “overproducers” market their milk to mothers who underproduce, or to single fathers or gay men who can’t produce milk of their own. Because breast milk is classified as food, it can be traded without the troublesome regulations that apply to most bodily fluids.

… Christie Denham, the founder of Happy Bellies Happy Babies, told The Daily Beast her site has fielded requests from grown men seeking coronavirus protection in the form of breast milk.

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