911 Dispatcher gets a note on her windshield: STAY AT HOME


Heather Silchia is a 911 dispatcher in Colorado. Lately, her job has been stressful, rewarding and exhausting. Working the graveyard shift and raising three young children during a pandemic is not easy. Not to mention the added responsibility of an already high-pressure career: making sure police officers, fire fighters and EMS workers know about any potential COVID-19 contamination at a given scene.

… So you can imagine her confusion and frustration Saturday evening when she found a note on her windshield, telling her to stay at home. The letter makes several assumptions based on observing Silchia and her routine.

… The note’s writer said they noticed her leaving with her baby, then returning home a short time later. They also noticed her leaving once again after her husband got home. The note added, “You aren’t wearing any sort of uniform … you couldn’t possibly be getting groceries every night (which would require a mask) … so please stay home.”

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