What never fails to make you happy?


We're living through an anxious and uncertain time, and as we're hunkering down at home, trying to find happy moments isn't always the easiest thing. But everyone has some things that are nearly guaranteed to make them happy. One person took to social media and asked what those things are, saying, "What never fails to make you happy?" Among the answers:

  • Positive validation
  • My little puppy girl and how her whole body wiggles with happiness when I come through the door
  • A good reflective walk in the park
  • Morning coffee on my deck, watching the hummingbirds feed.
  • Eating a perfectly-cooked steak.
  • My 2 year old nephew. Having someone love you unconditionally, always happy to see you, always wanting to be with you is the most amazing feeling in the world.
  • Videos of military members coming home
  • My girlfriend smiling.
  • Hugs from my kids
  • Sitting by campfires

How would YOU answer?

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