Alicia Keys & James Blunt release beautiful tributes to front line workers

Alicia Keys "Good Job"

Alicia Keys tribute is called "Good Job."

You’re the engine that makes all things go

Always in disguise, my hero

I see a light in the dark

Smile in my face

When we all know it’s hard

There is no way to ever pay you back

Bless your heart

Know I love you for that

Honest and selfless

I don’t know if this helps it but

Fabulous! Goose bumps.

James Blunt's "The Greatest" is a song written for his dauighter as he pays tribute to the heroes who have come out of the darkness.

The new track is taken from his acclaimed sixth studio album Once Upon A Mind, with profits in Great Britain from the single in 2020 being donated to the NHS, to support the healthcare workers in the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 and the music video also features many people from around the globe working on the front line.

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