D-Day veteran tears up as he's given a pillow with his late wife's photo

Ken Benbow

Ken is a D-Day veteran and also resident at the Thisleton Lodge care home in Great Britain.

After losing his wife 9 months ago, 94-year-old Ken Benbow would often take a photo of his late wife Ada, to bed with him every single night.

Realizing this, Ken's care worker Kia Tobin decided to surprise him. So that he wouldn't have to take a picture to bed she had the photo of his late wife printed onto a cushion that he could sleep on. Ken had no idea what surprise she had cooked up when she walked into his room.

This heartwarming video of Ken's reaction to the gift was posted online, and the clip went viral.

Ken was 17 when he served his country during the Second World War and now his 17-year-old carer is helping in the battle against coronavirus.

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