After losing everything in a tornado they thought they also lost their dog


Bella the dog helped alert her famkly in time for them to hide in their bathtub before an E4 tornado took their home.

After the tornado there was no sign of Bella.

Eric and Faith Johnson had been searching rain and shine leaving pieces of clothing so she could recognize the scent. Some neighbors started to report seeing her but they could not get close to her.

On Thursday, church friend Sarah Romeyn received a call from an employee of an animal grooming business who thought to have seen Bella across the street. Romeyn had been helping in the search for her as someone who tracks missing animals after storms. She set up cameras and eventually captured Bella coming out of a skinny area between two buildings to eat the food she placed.

She immediately called Eric who responded with his brother-in-law and pastor. He jumped the fence while the others blocked off both entrances to keep her from running away.

"I started losing hope. This is amazing because to have her back with us, it completes our family now and puts a missing piece back," Eric said. "This dog saved our lives. She's the one who gave us a chance to survive."

You can see more on the reunion HERE.

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