Phantom Of Tne Opera: Quarantine Edition!


Night time, endless, everyone’s awake now.

Feeling hungry, eating like a fat cow.

Silently I tip-toe, making sure they don’t know.

Slowly gently, sneak into the kitchen

Grab food, eat it, abandoning ambition.

Turn my face away from the mirror on display, turn my gaze away to save my self esteem.

Then realize we’re all stuck in quarantine.

Close your eyes and pretend this isn’t happening

Life’s so weird, things are getting real bizarre

Can’t believe it’s only been six weeks so far..

And I can’t even go to my favorite bar.

Napping all day, eating when I get bored.

Losing patience, family being ignored

We’re all starting fights over nothing, which feels right.

Knowing we’re all going crazy it would seem.

Then remember we’re all trapped in quarantine!

Instagram showing me another stupid meme

And YouTube until Six in the morning

My cell phone has become my closest friend!

And it feels like this will never end…

It could be worse, longing for connection.

Staying home and fighting the infection.

And essential workers our country’s life preservers

The heroes that are keeping us pristine.

Remembering we’re all here in quarantine!

Praying that they find a new vaccine.

Hoping for the best… in.. quaran.. tiiiiiiine

*A special thank you to our essential workers*

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