Miami man blasts Publix for making him wear a mask to shop for groceries

Miami man won't wear mask to shop at Publix

An incident captured by a city of Miami Beach code enforcement officer’s body camera shows a man so angry that he isn’t allowed inside a Publix without a mask that he curses out the officer.

   In the video, the man can be heard saying there’s no pandemic and he’s filing a lawsuit. He says his constitutional rights are being violated. The man then lashes out at the grocery store’s code enforcement officer and employees before storming off.

   “You’re in violation of my constitutional and civil rights, there’s no pandemic, I’m filing a lawsuit, I’m allowed to buy groceries!” The city of Miami requires everyone inside grocery stores, pharmacies and most other retail businesses that are still open to wear face masks.

   The video comes following similar incidents in Michigan including one at a Family Dollar where a security guard was killed over an alleged disagreement involving a facemask.

   I don’t get why people are so mad about wearing masks. And in Miami you’d think they’d be used to it because Marlins fans always cover their face.

   He sounds like a selfish, entitled, spoiled brat. Which the people of Miami haven’t seen in a while because the Kardashian Girls moved back to L.A.

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