A Fed Ex driver's act of kindness for a little girl gets national attention

Fed Ex Driver

Having your birthday fall during the middle of a pandemic is no fun. While video calls allow you to talk and chat with all your friends at once, blowing out candles in front of a screen isn’t exactly magical. And for young kids who may have been banking on a Paw Patrol-themed birthday party with all their friends, it’s even more upsetting. Luckily, one FedEx worker had a special delivery for a little girl that made her birthday in quarantine one to remember.

… FedEx worker Jodan Price was going through his regular delivery routine. He arrived at the Paternoster’s home in Fisher, Indiana to drop off a package, when six-year-old Emma Paternoster answered the door in a princess gown. When Emma saw the package was for her father, she became disappointed. Emma’s mom apologized for her daughter’s behavior and explained that it was her birthday and she was hoping for gifts. Price said “happy birthday” to Emma and then returned to his truck.

… In less than an hour, he returned with cupcakes from Dairy Queen as a special birthday treat for Emma.

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