Two women start a #PLEDGEMYSTIMULUS campaign to help those in need

Pledge My Stimulus

As the threat of the coronavirus disrupts life everywhere, two moms from Portland, Maine, are trying to help those in need through an online movement to spur generosity and mutual aid during this time of collective crisis. Wendy Blackwell-Moore and Reverend Tamara Torres McGovern launched the online campaign #PledgeMyStimulus to try and help local economies thrive. It encourages people to donate part or all of their stimulus checks from the federal government to a nonprofit, local business, or artist in order to help bolster their local economies. Since the campaign’s website launched on April 6th, more than 157 people have pledged some (or all) of their stimulus checks to approximately 100 organizations in 25 states. So far, more than $130,000 has been pledged to nonprofit organizations, artists, local businesses, crafts and tradespeople.

An added benefit to launching the website? The positive impact their campaign has had on their kids. “This project has created an opportunity for us to have important conversations about the ways that we can care for one another even at a distance,” said Torres McGovern. “We have talked about people who are experiencing food insecurity, loss of jobs, who are working in healthcare to keep us safe, who are homeless and don’t have a safe place to go,” she added.

Their website says: By pledging part or all of your government stimulus check, you will create mutual aid for those most in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please make a pledge today to help everyone meet their basic needs during the unprecedented time.

You can find out more at

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