Oprah opens her wallet again to donate 12 million dollars to hard hit areas


Oprah Winfrey is opening her wallet once again. The media mogul previously shelled out $10 million for relief efforts, and on Wednesday, she announced that she is giving an additional $2 million to hard-hit regions: her hometown of Kosciusko, Mississippi, Chicago, Nashville, Milwaukee and Baltimore. The funds will go toward everything from housing and food to mental health services. 

Winfrey’s $12 million will be funneled to relief efforts helmed by organizations like NashvilleNurtures, a food relief effort started in part by Winfrey's alma mater,Tennessee State University, as well as Live Healthy Chicago,Living Classrooms Foundation,Center for Urban Families and more.

Winfrey said: "I’m proud to be able to support the communities I have called home. These organizations are working tirelessly on the ground to help those hit the hardest by the pandemic, meeting people where they are and serving in ways needed most."

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