A 6 year old SC boy goes magnet fishing and solves a years-old crime

A 6-year-old Charleston boy has helped solve a neighbor's mystery when he went magnet fishing in a lake and reeled in a safe that was stolen eight years earlier.

Knox Brewer took up magnet fishing after watching a video about the practice on YouTube.

His parents say they gave him the idea to help him pass the time during the shelter at home order and he leanred which rocks are magmetic and which are not.

Knox said he was magnet fishing on Mother's Day when his magnet attached to something heavy. With some help from a nearby stranger he pulled his line in to discover a metal safe.

The safe contained items including jewelry, a notebook and a checkbook.

The Brewers contacted police and soon discovered the safe had been stolen from a neighbor's home eight years earlier.

"She got some missing charm bracelet pieces that were still left in there," Catherine Brewer said. "She said all the expensive stuff was gone, but at least she got closure and some of her pieces back."

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