Two CNBC co-anchors got loud and angry as a disagreement erupts live on air

A CNBC debate over the stock market completely exploded early Wednesday, with two Squawk Box hosts throwing down in a vicious debate which saw one accusing the other of being in the tank for President Donald Trump.

During an intense discussion punctuating the show’s opening segment, Joe Kernen and Andrew Ross Sorkin battled over the recent stock market rally. Kernen accused Sorkin of being overly pessimistic, and going out of his way to find negative market indicators. Sorkin countered by arguing that “a lot of smart people” are questioning how the market could be so high despite the devastating impact the coronavirus has had on the economy."

Kernan has interviewed Trump frequently and clearly agrees with his policies. The question: after this blow up, will they be able to work together again or are they just going to agree to disagree?

The hosts of The Damage Report saw the heated argument and talked about what happened earlier today.

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