Penny for your thoughts? Here's a paint job that cost $383. All in pennies!

Penny for your thoughts.

Meet Theresa and Larry Thompson and their unique 1949 Cadillac. Rather than paint it they glued pennies to it. talk about their custom ride.38,295 pennies to be specific.

What a great job he's done. Looks quite professional. I want to know how long it took to glue on 200 lbs of pennies. He's got to be retired. So, if the bank and government DO NOT want your pennies, do check this out...

Who said it can't be done?

The $383.00 Paint Job.

They were affixed one by one using Silicone. They added over 200 pounds to the vehicle's weight. The entire project took 6 weeks. The pennies are US, and include an 1817 "Big Cent", two Error Pennies, and four 1943 Steel pennies; (but who's counting?).  And, it won't scratch.

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