While she's home from college Darius Rucker records his daughter Dani

Darius Rucker slid into the producer's chair for a song that he recently recorded by his 19-year-old daughter, Dani. The tune is called “I Don’t Love You Like That,” which they had the opportunity to work on together during quarantine.

Darius shared the social on social media writing, “Making the best of these stay at home orders and family time I decided to play around with my garage band and put on my producer hat. With my daughter @dani_rucker back home from college, she joined on lead vocals.”

Darius' wife,Beth, also shared a photo of the two in the studio working writing, “So proud of this collaboration. During quarantine Darius opened his garage band put on his producer hat and Dani joined in lead vocals. I know these times have been difficult for us all. The loss, the grieving, but Hopefully we all have had some light and positive moments. This unexpected family time was a true blessing.”

Dani is a student at New York University.

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