They grew up with rap and are discovering Dolly Parton and The Carpenters

They are 21 year old twins. Tim and Fred Williams grew up listening to the likes of rapper Twista and Lil Wayne — are broadening their horizons and giving their heartfelt thoughts about songs they admittedly might never have heard from Freddie Mercury and Queen, Luther Vandross, Tom Jones, opera star Luciano Pavarotti and Aerosmith — but that's just the start. They admit there's more than just rap out there.

While brother Fred was at college, Tim decided to expand their musical tastes to songs that they never heard before.

Over 92,000 YouTube subscribers tune in for the funny and binge-worthy moments like their recent homage to “Jolene” by Dolly Parton.

As the song starts, Fred says, “Turn that boy up!”

After listening a little more, Tim says, “I loved that note. That was a banger.”

When the song ends, Tim calls the country classic, a plea to the other woman in a love triangle, a “good story,” while Fred adds, “Don’t take her man!”

Watch as they listen to Dolly and Carpenters...for the first time.

No one's more amused by their love for the Carpenters than their mom who says about them listening to The Carpenters: "Now that was surprising!"

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