A sweet surprise for a 7 year old calling 911 for ice cream

As 7 year old Alison was home recoving from surgery, her parents gave her a deactivated celll phone to play with. But as we know, that phone can still call 911. So she did and called asking for chocolate ice cream.

Kansas City police say Allison called four different times and requested chocolate ice cream.

“She called once and hung up. She called back later saying she wanted ice cream and hung up. She called again, this time saying she wanted a cheeseburger and some ice cream,” Officer Dakota Stone with KCPD said.

Stone said he and his partner decided it would be funny to take some ice cream over to the house when they responded to the calls.

“We got a milkshake and took it to her house, and mom came out to the door and she was like, ‘Let me guess, you’re here for Allison,'” Stone said. “And I told her, ‘Yeah, we brought her ice cream,’ and mom was just in shock.”  

Allison’s mom and the police officers explained to her that 911 is only for emergencies. Now Allison is planning to write a thank you letter to the officers.

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