Replace "Alexander Hamilton" with "Fauci" to give him credit he deserves

We have yet to get a handle on the coronavirus pandemic. Through it all there's been the calm steady voice of the director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (since 1984), Dr. Anthony Fauci.

He has seen and successfully handled multiple pandemics which make him a reassuring expert voice to turn to for facts about this pandemic.

We now are hearing that unless we change our course of action, by the end of the year we could see upwards of 600,000 Americans dying (this is NOT from Fauci but from a source that the White House turns to for information about the pandemic).

Scott Hoying the baritone from Pentatonix has taken one song from "Hamilton" and gave it a remix to honor what man of us love about America's favorite doctor.

If you prefer to get your facts from The White House, no need to comment or even listen to this performance.

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