Missing dog that jumped out of a car in Charleston found safe in Miami!

Just about a week ago, this was posted on Facebook seeking help for this little dog who jumped out of a car window.

Tim Whitfield wrote: The puppy jumped out the car window of a 90 yr old woman near Highway 17 and 7 in West Ashley. This is near Charleston, SC. Belle was bought after the woman's dog of 16 years passed away 3 months ago. The woman was his mother and she and the family were terribly upset hoping to find Belle.

A massive search went viral on social media.

Finally, Tim learned the dog was found safe - out of all places - in Miami!

The people who grabbed Belle out of traffic were traveling through Charleston, heading to Miami. They said they took the dog because they were afraid it was going to be hit and found whose dog it was thanks to social media posts.

Here is the reunion picture!

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