Inspired by kids, Katy Perry selling "Fireworks Sneakers" for charity

Katy Perry has introduced the Firework Sneaker, a rainbow-striped shoe featuring a different affirmation written on each row of laces, to her footwear line.

Among them: “Kindness,” “Openness,” “Wellness,” “Inspire,” and “Fearless.” Read from the toe to the heel, the first letter of each affirmation spells out FIREWORK.

“Presenting...a shoe that will inspire you to ignite your inner light and step into the greater good,” Katy wrote on social media. “The Firework was inspired by the winning designs of three artistic Camp Firework campers that I had the pleasure of spending time with last summer.”

Camp Firework is a sleep-away camp that’s part of Katy’s Firework Foundation arts charity. All the kids at the camp were asked to design their own shoe, and three of the designs led to the Firework Sneaker.

Right now, you can score a pair shoes from Katy’s line for up to 70% off. The company is currently offering 10% of its sales to the Point Foundation, an organization supporting students in the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

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