The eagerly anticipated "Field of Dreams" baseball game has been postponed

MLB's "Field of Dreams" game that was set to be played in Iowa on August 13th has been postponed until next season because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Chicago White Sox were originally going to host the New York Yankees at the new ballpark on the cornfield next to the site of the 1989 Field of Dreams movie in Dyersville. However, Chicago's opponent was changed to the St. Louis Cardinals when the schedule for the coronavirus-shortened season was put together. Now that it's been pushed to next year, the White Sox will still be one of the teams when the game is played, but their opponent hasn't yet been determined. 

Photo: getty images

Here is my post from 2019 about this eagerly awaited game:

Meanwhile this couple's final day of vacation included a day to that famous movie set and iconic baseball field in Iowa:

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