Georgia students who post pictures of crowded halls and no masks suspended

Okay, so can you explain this to me?

In Paulding County (suburban Atlanta) Schools, students were allowed to register for virtual classes if parents didn't feel safe sending their kids to school; however, if by opening day they had not yet been approved, students had to show up for in-person learning despite parents' objections about safety. In addition, several of the school athletes had tested positive for Covid19 and parents were told their children may have been exposed! Yes regardless they had to show up for class in person. If they didn't show up they would be withdrawn from the school. But it doesn't end there.

In the school's hallways the scene was like any pre-pandemic day: throngs of students in the hallway, with virtually no masks. That's because the policy of the district is masks and social distancing are encouraged...but not required!

Several students were outraged and even though the principal threatened that anyone posting pictures of the scene on social media would be punished, they posted them anyway. Check out the video!

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