Nail salon digs through trash to help woman find her lost wedding ring

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A Portland woman has been reunited with her wedding ring after having her nails done, thanks to the help of local nail salon.

Rosana Ramirez, who said she rarely removes her wedding ring of 21 years, ended up losing it after visiting Q Nails & Spa.

“The technician said, ‘Hey, it would be a good idea if you removed your ring to have the massage done’ and — which I did,” Ramirez said. “I set the ring on the little tablecloth that they put on the table.”

“Whenever I’m nervous, I kind of turn my ring around on my finger,” she said. “And when I went to turn it, my ring wasn’t there.”

The salon owner ended up reviewing security footage of the salon and later finding that the ring had been accidentally wrapped up with a disposable tablecloth and discarded. So what else could they do? The owner and some employees went through the dumpster along with Ramirez.

“We went through every single bag of trash in that dumpster,” Ramirez said. And it didn't look good...until the very last bag of trash, which contained a tiny tablecloth. Within it, was her ring.

“With everything that we’ve been going through with the Pandemic and job losses and all of this — it felt really good,” Ramirez said. “It gives you hope in people. They could have just said, ‘Oh well, you lost your ring. Too bad, go home. But they were so kind and so helpful.”

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