After legal issues Cole & Marmalade are back on social media!

They’re back, they’re still cute and their owners can again legally post as many photos of their frisky antics as they want. Since early this year, cats Cole and Marmalade had been absent from social media where they’d amassed a million-plus followers, leading to appearances on Ellen and the cover of Modern Cat magazine. A lawsuit between Cole and Marmalade’s owners and their now-former partners in Digital Pet Media, which managed the Cole and Marmalade business, prevented Chris Poole and his wife, Jessica Josephs, from posting photos of their own cats. It ended with a confidential settlement in August. Digital Pet Media’s fillings in the lawsuit said the company was losing $2,500 a day by shutting down Cole and Marmalade’s social accounts to prevent Poole from accessing them during their dispute. Chris and Jessica now own and manage all of their cats’ social media accounts and websites themselves under a new company called The Furtastic. During the lawsuit, Poole and Josephs raised $184,016 via Gofundme for the Chris Poole Legal Defense Fund. Josephs said those funds went directly into a retainer for their lawyer, and that nearly all of it had been depleted fighting the original lawsuit and another copyright suit filed in federal court.

Here is Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy, host of "My Cat From Hell," visiting Chris Poole and his two famous cats.