Gladys Knight vs. Patti LaBelle in 'Verzuz' Battle of Soul Legends

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They are legends in pop and soul music, they both appeared on The Masked Singer, and this weekend Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight squared off live from Philadelphia in the latest installment of Verzuzlast night in a matchup about as highly anticipated as any NFL game on this season-opening Sunday. Over half a million fans watched over Instagram Live among other platforms.

"We are so happy to be together," LaBelle kicked off the event by saying. "We've been together for many, many, many years." The two then recounted their long history together, sharing memories of the various ways their careers had intersected over the years, and expressing plenty of mutual affection -- about each other's musical artistry, as well as about their respective families and even their famous culinary exploits.

During their discussion, Knight and LaBelle covered a variety of topics including the need for people to get out the vote and their famous culinary skills (LaBelle has a line of desserts and Knight is the former owner of a chicken and waffles franchise which bore her name.)

The women wrapped up the evening with a surprise appearance by their contemporary and friend, singer Dionne Warwick.

Photo: Getty images

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