Houston reporter rescues kitten from flood waters on live TV

Kitten rescue on live TV

Perhaps this will rank as the cutest live shot on TV ever. Houston reporter Chelsea Edwards was reporting on flooding in the area from heavy rain from TS Beta when she noticed a kitten crying out. As she rescued the kitten on live TV, viewers went wild on social media. “Flooded… with love!” one viewer wrote.

Once she was done, Edwards took the tiny creature home and appropriately named her Beta.

‘Beta’ the rescue kitten is much drier now!” Edwards wrote on Twitter. “She took to a liking to a rain-softened dog biscuit I forgot in my pocket. I’ve gotten a couple requests, so I’ll post an update on where she goes!” She posted pictures on Twitter and said she received several requests and would update viewers on Beta's new home. Which she did! Kudos to a big hearted reporter.

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