South Carolina woman's obituary for her dog goes viral


A South Carolina woman has eulogized her late, great golden Retriever in a moving obituary that is melting hearts on social media. Sallie Gregory Hammet recently announced the passing of her beloved dog Charlie, who died at age 7 following a five-month battle with lymphoma. Hammet said the precious pup had been her best pal since she adopted him seven years ago when she was single and living in a new city. Heartbroken in the wake of Charlie’s passing on September 13, Hammett was inspired to honor her darling dog with a heartfelt tribute. In the obituary she wrote that the happy-go-lucky pup most enjoyed “walking, stick collecting, swimming, smiling and snoozing” or, in other words, “everything life had to offer,” with the exception of stairs, which he hated.

… “Charlie loved the beach, car rides, bananas and socks. Charlie always loved going to his Grandma and Grandpa’s house, where he could get treats, chase squirrels and pee everywhere his cousin Captain peed. Charlie went tailgating, camping, hiking and fishing. He lived the very best life.” Most importantly, Hammett said, Charlie had been her constant companion through “heartache, moves, grief and joy” and was best of all at “unconditional love. More than anything else, Charlie loved his mom. He was always there to greet her with some kisses and a firm grip on her arm… he taught everyone he met about loving people, and always seeing the good in people,” she said.

… In lieu of flowers, Hammett and her husband, David, asked for well-wishers to shower their pups in “some extra love” in Charlie’s honor.

Charlie's Obit

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