Rescued days ago, Macy bolted from the car during a stopover in Savannah


Debbie Cross drove from her home in Florida to Orangeburg South Carolina to rescue Macy, a small brown and black Aussie mix dog who had been living in the woods before being rescued. Debbie put Macy in the car heading back home but during a stopover in Savannah Macy bolted from the car. Debbie wrote on Facebook:

I lost Macy yesterday Sunday 3-7-2021. She is a small brown black Aussie mix, she has a pink collar and leash. I was bringing her home from the rescue to her forever house with her brother when trying to let them go potty, she bolted out of the car. In Cracker Barrel area 204 and 95. She is a rescue that has been living in the woods for so long-no one even knows. I searched for over 1.5 hours and was hysterical when leaving as she had just vanished. I had to get back to Central Fla with her brother and will return right away to pick her up. I have been posting all day but would appreciate any help-someone called and said she went into the woods. Not sure which woods. She is very sweet, not very big, but very scared. I really wanted to give her a great home and I am devastated that this has happened. I am available anytime: Debbie 321 446 1826

Debbie had planned to give Macy the loving home she deserved. Since this happened several caring Savannah animal advocates have combed the southside looking for Macy. There have been several sightings--Henderson Golf Course, Sonic, McDonalds and along Canebrake Road--but so far they have been unable to catch her. Debbie had to return to Florida but has now returned to Savannah. Macy was spotted at a trash dump in the area, so Debbie got a room across the street and will monitor and leave food out for Macy who must be hungry.

If you see the dog in the area please call so we can narrow down the area she is in and perhaps capture her and get her home. Other contacts:

Email Kim with Second Chance Dog Rescue, or call 912-748-6097. Owner is Debbie Cross @321-446-1826

A Facebook page Finding Macy 204 & 95 has been set up for updates and posts.

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