Two Florida women use a Swiffer mop to remove a baby gator from their home

Small gator close-up

Besides scream at the top of your lungs, what do you do if a gator gets into your house?

These two women in Tampa turned to a household tool: a swiffer mop.

The event was streamed live on Facebook by a local realtor who said Erika Venza, her neighbor, called her over for help after a juvenile gator strolled into her home through an open sliding door. Venza learned that the gator was inside for about an hour after going through Nest footage, according to Facebook posts.

Venza stood on a chair in the living room while Powers positioned herself on top of the kitchen counter while thinking of ways to get the 2-foot-long reptile back outside.

She said the gator was hissing like crazy. Before they started recording the encounter, the gator reportedly attacked the Swiffer they used to coax it to the open door.

There were shrieks, screams and minutes of nudging and poking the baby's tail. Venza eventually moved the chair the gator was hiding under, and after more nudges, he walked outside and into a nearby pond.

“Bye bro, thanks for hanging out,” Powers said before shutting the sliding glass door. “Bye Mr. Gator, it’s so cute, guys. They’re so cute when they’re not in your home"

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