Dog adoption post goes viral thanks to the hunky shelter worker in it!

Zac and Sky (Sky is the dog!)

This is pretty funny. A Facebook post spotlighting a dog up for adoption in Texas has gone viral — but not because of the cute pooch in the photo. The dog was photographed next to shelter worker Zac Majewski kneeling next to Sky to raise awareness about the dog's adoption status.

Many Facebook users noticed the shelter's photo but ended up being more interested in getting information about the attractive employee over the dog. "I don't even have Facebook. People called me into the office, like my boss, and she was telling me, 'it's blowing up right now,' and then it just kind of increased throughout the day," Majewski told a local TV station about the reaction to the post, which now has over 14,000 shares and 25,000 comments.

Majewski added that "over a hundred people" started following him on Snapchat and Instagram after the photo went up.

Many users teased that they would like to take Zac home along with the dog in the post's comments.

"Is the man available for adoption?" one user asked, while another joked, "Wait?! There's a dog in the picture?"

"What's the adoption fee for Zac? Is he house trained?" another person questioned.

Wichita Falls Animal Services told the outlet that they received hundreds of calls from people looking to adopt their pets, including Sky, after seeing the post featuring Majewski!

“A lot of people want me to and it’s just not something I like to do but, if it helps animals get adopted, then I will,” Majewski said. “It got Sky adopted in like an hour yesterday and we had over a hundred calls on her so, it was pretty great.”

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