Lady Gaga's dognappers who also shot her dog walker have been arrested

5 Charged In Connection With Shooting Of Lady Gaga's Dogwalker In Hollywood

Five people have been arrested in connection to the robbery and attempted murder of Lady Gaga’s dogwalker. Her dogs have since been returned.

The Los Angeles Police Department nabbed five suspects after executing search and arrest warrants this week. Although the suspects knew the high value of the breed of dogs, they apparently had no idea of the Lady Gaga connection.

According to police, all five have now been charged with attempted murder for their part in a dogs-for-cash scheme. One of them was the alleged “Good Samaritan” who tried to turn the French bulldogs into police - for the hefty $500,000 reward. The police became suspicious and that ultimately led to their arrest.

In February, Gaga’s dogwalker, Ryan Fischer, was out with the star’s dogs —Koji,Gustav, andMiss Asia, when he was shot and left for dead. He spent nearly a month in the hospital recovering.

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