Kaley Cuoco vows to buy the Olympic horse punched by its coach in Tokyo

Portrait of a sports horse

Photo: Getty Images

KALEY CUOCO OFFERS TO BUY OLYMPIC HORSE SAINT BOY THAT WAS PUNCHED BY COACH _ Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco recently spoke out about an incident that occurred during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A horse named Saint Boy was punched by its coach during the modern pentathlon event. The Big Bang Theory actor, an avid horse lover, was disgusted by the coach’s actions. She publicly voiced her opinions, even offering to buy Saint Boy and give the animal a new home with her. Cuoco isn’t bluffing about her seriousness in giving Saint Boy a new home. Her husband, Karl Cook, is an equestrian and an avid animal lover too. No word on whether Saint Boy will become a part of the Cuoco stable any time soon.

Coach Kim Raisner who punched the horse, was heard on German TV urging tearful athlete Annika Schleu to "really hit" the horse while she struggled to control Saint Boy during the showjumping round. Schleu had been leading the event before the equestrian, where athletes are given just 20 minutes to bond with a horse they have never ridden. This viral video has a petition circulating to remove the equestrian portion from the modern pentathalon at the Tokyo Olympics. This is a slippery slope to all equestrian sports being removed from the Olympics and further down the line from horses being used in sport at all.

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