Were dogs left behind in Afghanistan? And if so, what is their status?


Mission K9 Rescue is a terrific organization whose goal is: To Rescue, Reunite, Re-Home, Rehabilitate and Repair any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity. They write:

There has been a lot of speculation and conflicting reports regarding the status of the working dogs in Afghanistan.

At this time we can confirm that there were NO MWDs (dogs owned by the US GOV) left behind. However, we are unable to comment on the fate of the 50 contract working dogs as we have not been directly involved in the rescue process. Regardless of their working title, no animal should have to endure the events of last week.

As soon as we gain access to information regarding their condition/status, we will update our page accordingly.

If anyone is falsely claiming that Mission K9 confirmed any information regarding these CWDs please visit our page. If you didn't see it here, it wasn't said.

Find them on Facebook: (20+) Mission K9 Rescue | Facebook

Read about one contract dog they successfully evacuated from Afghanistan. CLICK HERE

Fox News Radio's Jill Nado is an animal lover like I am and many of her stories revolve around our furbabies. Here is her report on this organization:

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