If you too think whales are graceful beautiful creatures check this out!


Photo: Getty Images

The first trailer for Last of the Right Whales, from Nadina Pequeneza, has debuted. The story follows a group of people working to save the sea mammal from extinction.

North Atlantic right whales are dying faster than they can reproduce. With less than 400 remaining, these great whales rarely die of natural causes. Instead they are run over by ships or suffer lethal injuries from fishing gear. If we don’t stop killing them, in 20 years they could be extinct. Last of the Right Whales, a documentary from award-winning director Nadine Pequeneza, is the story of a disparate group of people - a wildlife photographer, a marine biologist, a whale rescuer, and a crab fisher - united in their cause to save the North Atlantic right whale. By joining forces these formidable allies are determined to stop the world’s first great whale extinction. The film combines the 4K cinematography of a blue-chip nature film with the character-driven, vérité storytelling of a high-stakes drama. With unprecedented access to film the migration of the North Atlantic right whale from their breeding ground off the coast of Florida to to their new feeding area in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this feature documentary brings a message of hope about the most at-risk, great whale on the planet.

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