A herd of weed-eating goats got loose and began roaming through Buckhead


Photo: Getty Images

A herd of goats are did not have too baaaad of a Monday. A herd of goats, used to clear weeds near a Georgia grocery store, decided on a day trip.

Video on social media shows several goats walking around Buckhead, enjoying the nice weather and snacking on green shrubbery in the area.

Drivers and people in the area of Peachtree and Piedmont spotted around a dozen goats trotting around a Rooms To Go. And you can tell they’re milking it. One person captioned their goat video, “Just another day in Buckhead. No big deal.”

Atlanta police confirmed that around 40 goats and three Great Pyrenes herding dogs got loose somehow when they were brought in to eat weeds at a nearby Kroger.

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